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9/21/2014.........This week the redskins, we struggle Early, defense stinks but take the lead before the half. Foles is looking a lot better and Cooper got a couple catches. Matthews got two TDs and Maclin caught the go ahead TD. But the big big event was the cheap shot the skins took on foles, and unlike with McNabb, the team stood up for their QB. Jason peters went right after the jerk who cheap shotted Foles and the whole bench cleared and ran across the field to get into the fray. It looked like the '74 Flyers going after the Russians. Makes me feel that this team has something they lacked during the Andy reid era.....Team unity and a QB that is a true leader and has the respect of all of his teammates....and by the way, Foles stayed in the game after the cheap shot and drove the team down the field for the go ahead score. This team has something special going on.

9/15/2014.........Tough game against the Colts, once again the eagles struggled in the first half and were great in the second half. Sproles had a monster game scoring a couple times and looking like an all pro player. Shady is struggling and Riley Cooper and Jordan Matthews seem like they aren't even playing at WR.

09/07/2014...Good start to the season with a victory but a little scarey, The Eagles didn't really even show up for the first half but KILLED the jags in the second half. They lost the first half 17-0 but won the second half 34-0. Foles looked a little rusty, Zach ertz is a player and is going to do a lot here.

5/21/2014.........Agreed to terms with S Ed Reynolds on a four-year contract

5/19/2014.........Signed DE Taylor Hart, DB Davon Morgan and CB Jaylen Watkins. Released DB John Fulton

5/15/2014..........Signed NT Beau Allen to a four-year contract

5/13/2014..........The Eagles agreed to terms with WR Josh Huff {3rd round pick} on a four-year deal.

5/11/2014..........The Eagles 2014 Draft Choices:
126Marcus SmithOLB6'3"251Louisville*
386Josh HuffWR5'11"206Oregon*
4101Jaylen WatkinsCB5'11"194Florida*
5141Taylor HartDE6'6"281Oregon
5162Ed ReynoldsFS6'1"207Stanford*
7224Beau AllenNT6'2"333Wisconsin

*= Players that I believe will make the final roster

5/10/2014..........The 2014 rookie free agents:

Josh Andrews, G – Oregon State 6-2, 311

Blake Annen, TE – Cincinnati 6-4, 247

Karim Barton, G – Morgan State 6-2, 313

Kadron Boone, WR – LSU 6-0, 204

Trey Burton, TE – Florida 6-2, 224

David Fluellen, RB – Toledo 5-11, 224

John Fulton, CB – Alabama 6-0, 195

Kevin Graf, T – USC 6-6, 309

Donald Hawkins, G – Texas 6-4, 301

Henry Josey, RB – Missouri 5-8, 194

Wade Keliikipi, DT – Oregon 6-2, 303

Daytawion Lowe, S – Oklahoma State 5-11, 196

Frank Mays, DE – Florida A&M 6-9, 291

Quron Pratt, WR – Rutgers 5-11, 195

Carey Spear, K – Vanderbilt 5-9, 194

05/10/2014.......Selected CB Jaylen Watkins with the 101st overall pick,Traded RB Bryce Brown and a 2014 seventh-round pick (No. 237 overall) to Buffalo for a 2014 seventh-round pick (No. 224 overall) and either a 2015 fourth-round pick or a 2016 third-round pick or a 2016 fourth-round pick.Selected DE Taylor Hart with the 141st selection,Selected S Ed Reynolds with the 162nd overall pick,Selected NT Beau Allen with the 224th overall pick.

05/09/2014.......Selected WR Josh Huff with the 86th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft

05/09/2014.......traded the 54th and 122nd overall picks to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for the 42nd overall pick, then used that pick to select WR Jordan Matthews from Vanderbilt. He is 6'3" 212lbs and he is ready for the NFL now, I believe he will get significant playing time and will be productive in this offense.

05/08/2014.......The Eagles Select LB Marcus Smith with the 26th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. I think he will be a good player but this pick is a little bit of a reach.

05/08/2014.......The Eagles traded a 2014 first-round pick (No. 22 overall) to the Cleveland Browns for a 2014 first-round pick (No. 26 overall) and a 2014 third-round pick (No. 83 overall).

05/05/2014.......Signed DL Alejandro Villanueva to a rookie free agent contract. I like this signing. The guy is HUGE...(6'9" 277lbs) but what I really like is that he played for Army in college, then did his service time with three tours in Afghanastan as an Army Ranger. I root for all the Eagles, but I'll root a little harder for him.

05/01/2014...............One week until the draft

03/28/2014.....DeSean Jackson is released today, among rumors of Gang membership, being a bad team mate and other rumors. the eagles aren't saying a whole lot about it. With the release of Avant earlier, we went from an extremely strong receiver corp, to a mediocre one real fast. I like Maclin but he is coming off a season of being on IR, and while cooper had an excellent year, he may not be a #1 or #2 receiver.

03/14/2014.....Acquired RB Darren Sproles from New Orleans in exchange for a 2014 fifth-round draft pick. Agreed to terms with CB Nolan Carroll on a two-year deal.

03/11/2014.....Agreed to terms with LB Bryan Braman on a two-year deal.

03/11/2014.....Agreed to terms with S Malcolm Jenkins on a three-year deal

03/11/2014..... P Donnie Jones is re-signed to a three-year deal and S Patrick Chung is released.

03/04/2014.....The Eagles release Jason Avant today. I always liked him as a good receiver and as a team leader, I'm sure he will be picked up by another team and will have success there.

07/30/2013...............Sadly, Jeremy maclin is placed on injured reserve with a knee injury. Out for the year.

04/27/2013...............Day three of the draft, The Eagles Trade a 2013 fourth-round pick (No. 101 overall) and a 2013 seventh-round pick (No. 210 overall) to Jacksonville for a 2013 fourth-round draft pick (No. 98 overall) with that pick, they select QB Matt Barkley; Select S Earl Wolff with the 136th overall pick; DE Joe Kruger with the 212th pick;CB Jordan Poyer with the 218th pick;DT David King with the 239th pick

04/26/2013...............The Eagles Select TE Zach Ertz with the 35th overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, Then Select DT Bennie Logan with the 67th overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft

04/25/2013...............The Eagles Select OT Lane Johnson with the 4th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft

03/25/2013...............Agreed to terms on a one-year deal with P Donnie Jones. Released P Mat McBriar

03/14/2013...............Agreed to terms on a six-year deal with LB Connor Barwin Agreed to terms with CB Cary Williams on a three-year deal and with S Kenny Phillips on a one-year deal

03/12/2013...............Busy day for the Eagles. Asante Samuel is released. Then the Eagles Agreed to terms with: TE James Casey on a three-year contract, S Patrick Chung on a three-year contract, CB Bradley Fletcher on a two-year contract, LB Jason Phillips on a two-year contract and DL Isaac Sopoaga on a three-year contract

02/25/2013...............Released DT Mike Patterson Released DT Cullen Jenkins

02/08/2013...............Pat Shurmur - Named offensive coordinator; Bill Davis - Named defensive coordinator; Dave Fipp - Named special teams coordinator; Bill Lazor - Named quarterbacks coach; Duce Staley - Named running backs coach; Bob Bicknell - Named wide receivers coach; Ted Williams - Named tight ends coach. John Lovett - Named defensive backs coach; Bill McGovern - Named outside linebackers coach; Rick Minter - Named inside linebackers coach; Erik Chinander - Named assistant defensive line coach; Todd Lyght - Named assistant defensive backs coach; Mike Dawson - Named defensive quality control coach.Jeff Stoutland - Named offensive line coach; Justin Peelle - Named assistant tight ends coach; Greg Austin - Named assistant offensive line coach; Press Taylor - Named offensive quality control coach; Jerry Azzinaro - Named defensive line coach/assistant head coach.Matt Harper - Named assistant special teams coach; Josh Hingst - Named strength and conditioning coach; Shaun Huls - Named sports science coordinator

01/16/2013...............Introducing the new Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Chip Kelly

01/11/2013...............Assistant Coaches Tommy Brasher, Travis Crittenden, David Culley, Mike Frazier, Corey Matthaei, Tom Melvin, Matt Nagy, Doug Pederson and Barry Rubin follow Reid to KC. Surprisingly, his right hand man Morningwood didn't go with him, and he didn't take Juan Castillo.

12/31/2012...............As expected. Andy reid is fired as head coach of the Eagles. A few years too late, but time to move on, and maybe even get a coach that can do what Reid is incapable of doing....Win a superbowl.

12/30/2012...............End of the year, end of the season, and hopefully end of the Reid era (error????) I have never seen an Eagles team just throw in the towell like this. they lost to the Giants 42-7 to cap on a 4-12 season. Wonder how long it will take them to can Reid.

12/23/2012...............Another loss to washington, and another losing streak

12/13/2012...............34-13 loss to Cincinatti.... not much to say, Reid should have been fired after last season, but the 4 games won at the end to bring the team to .500 foolrd the owner with a false hope....I don't think this team cares enought to put in an effort to save Andy this year...I don't think Andy cares either.

12/9/2012...............Finally a win, the Eagles end their 8 game losing streak by barely sneaking by the Bucs 23-21.

12/2/2012...............The eagles lose to the hated Cowboys for the second time in a month...looks like this team has quit to me.

11/26/2012...............Another prime time game, another loss

11/18/2012...............Another loss, this time to the redskins 31-6. This team is becoming an embaressment.

11/14/2012...............Reid is still the coach for some reason, looks like Foles will start Sunday. We are on a five game losing streak. Lets go Foles.

11/11/2012...............Another Sunday, another loss, theis time to the Dallas Cowboys. There is never anything good about losing to the Cowboys, even if this is the final straw that gets Reid fired. It was the start of the Nick Foles era, he made some rookie mistakes and was shaky at times, but looks like he has a lot of potential. I think at this point both Reid and Vick will be gone next year.Seeing Foles play was the first time in a while that I was excited to see this team play.

11/08/2012...............It's Dallas week and I just can't get excited for this game. This team is not enjoyable to watch at all, outside of a couple players, the whole team seems to have that prima-donna attitude.

11/06/2012...............I will never understand Andy Reids mentality. LeSean McCoy (one of the few players on this team that shows up every game) had over 100 yards rushing in the middle of the second quarter. The offensive line doesn't protect the passer, Vick can't seem to make the quick throws to beat the blitz. Maybe the smallish receivers can't get off the line quick enough,either way it makes sense to use the running game, but Reid doesn't give McCoy another running attempt until the fourth quarter. Why not use whats working????????

11/05/2012...............Garbage time in Louisiana. For a team that talks a lot of shit about loyalty of the fans, and how they are all together, preaching the "Us against the world" mentality, this team shows no heart at all. Very few of these players even seem to care at all if they win or lose. I can't read their minds but I can see the effort on the field and it seems non existent.

This team has quit on Reid and company. Changes will almost certainly be made at years end, I think they need to be made now.

11/04/2012...............As the Eagles prepare for Monday night football against the Saints, all the other teams in the NFC east lost on Sunday. Again, a lot of experts are predicting a win by the Eagles this week, I am still not confident.

The Saints have a bad defense, but our offense sucks so thats a push. The saints still have a very good offense and our defense is mediocre at best....advantage Saints. The Saints don't have a head coach, We have Andy Reid....advantage Saints. I still have hope but, but not a lot of faith in Reid.

10/31/2012...............Happy Halloween, why is Andy still here?

10/28/2012...............Ugly game against the (still) undefeated Falcons.The Defense couldn't stop the Falcons at all, it seemed like the scored every time they had the ball, No sacks for our all world defensive line.The offense is once again pathetic. This team is falling apart right in front of us.

10/25/2012...............The eagles play the undefeated Falcons on Sunday, it will be the debut of Todd Bowles as DC. A lot of the so called experts are picking the Eagles to win..... I am less confident then they are. Even though Andy is undefeated after the bye week, this is not the same team that he had before. They just don't seem to be playing for him.

10/16/2012...............The eagles fire defensive coordinator Juan Castillo and replace him with Todd Bowles. I didn't like the promotion of Castillo when it was done, I didn't think he was qualified for the job. That being said, among all three coordinators and the head coach, his unit is the best performing one on the team. Juan is just the scapegoat, I wonder who will be blamed next.

10/15/2012...............Here we are at the bye week and we are mediocre. Mediocre team since Reid Peaked in 2004, Time for Andy to go was a few years ago, and sadly, I believe the best coach for this team is now coaching in St.Louis. We missed an opportunity there Mr. Lurie. I believe Fisher will take StLouis to a superbowl before the eagles get back to one with Reid. With my disgust and sadness that Reid is still performing unacceptably and still hurting MY team, here are my grades for the team at the break:

COACHING: *D-* (didn't get an f solely because the Giants game) This team has no focus, discipline, or fire. The sloppiness, penalties and turnovers are killing this team. Playcalling is a farce, we have IMO the best running back in the league yet we don't use him effectively. We have a QB who is ineffective and is actually costing us games now, yet the coach doesn't have the balls to make a change.

QUARTERBACK:*D-* I think Vicks best days are done, and the lack of offensive line and gameplan hurt him. This year he is just continuing the bad play from last year. The turnovers to me are just a sign of him lacking focus, and that is not acceptable for a veteran of his status. He doesn't need to win every game by himself, but he does need to stop losing them.

RUNNINGBACKS:*B-* real hard to give a grade here because of the game plan. McCoy is capable of doing a lot more but the opportunities he is given are inconsistent. The backup running backs are young and inexperienced but look like a pretty good group overall, Havili had a nice game against the Giants blocking and running, but again hard to grade on so little run activity. We need to see more shady after the break and less of Vicks generosity.

RECEIVERS:*C* It starts with Jackson, and I think that he is having a pretty good year considering that the line doesn't give the team enough time to play the long passing game where he excels. Maclin looks ok so far when he isn't hurt. I think we really need a big receiver in this group.

OFFENSIVE LINE:*INCOMPLETE* Losing Peters and Kelce really hurt this line. 2/5 ths of your starters being out for the year is a tough blow to any offensive line.

TIGHTENDS:*B* Celek is one of the few players on this team that looks like he is excited to be on the field. He is getting killed on some of the pass plays yet keeps getting up and coming back. His receiving is going to decline some because he needs to stay in and block due to the ineffectiveness of the offensive line. Clay Harbour is a nice backup who could be a starter down the line.

OFFENSE:*D-* The Offense is killing this team, the team is giving up an average of 20.8 points a game, which is way above average in the NFL, The turnovers and penalties on the offense are hurting bad. The O line is patchwork, and there was no real backup plan for them.

DEFENSIVE LINE:*B-* I know most people only judge the D line by the number of sacks they get, but there is more to it. We are no longer a blitzing team (like we never blitz) so sacks will be down. We do however get pressure and hits on the QB. I do think they can do better with pressure on the QB up the middle. I'v seen the pocket collapse a few times from the sides but the opposing QB just stepped up in the middle and had time. It's not always but we can improve there.

LINEBACKERS:*B* Basically a whole new crew here at the linebacker position. Kendricks is a rookie starting on the outside and is doing a great job. seemed like a lot of people worried about DeMeco ryans in the pre season but he is showing he can play the position and I think he is definitely a leader on the field. I see some leadership from him and kendricks which is great to see. Compared to last year it's hard not to give these guys an A+++++++++.

SECONDARY:*C* not as consistent as I'd like, they have had some miscommunications out there, the young safeties are coming along and as the four starters play together, I can see them improving a lot.

DEFENSE:*B-* Giving up less the 21 ppg is pretty damn good in my book, especially considering how much the offense gives other teams extra opportunites to score.

SPECIAL TEAMS:*D* We cut our punter and replaced him with McBriar earlier in the year. Alex Henery is 11/12 in field goals, but the other part of the special team is pretty poor, they are giving up a lot of long returns and not getting any good returns for the team. Our opponents start in great field position more often then not.

TEAM OVERALL GRADE: *D* 5-1 talent underperforming. this team needs some major changes, they just look disinterested. Andy reid needs to go.

10/14/2012...............Total implosion today, this team could not play on offense, defense, or special teams. The coaching sucks and the players seem to lack any kind of fire or passion on the field. Mike Vick is once again playing Santa Clause and giving gifts to the opponents. The Defense played well most of the game yet once again let up at the end. The play calling was ridiculous, with a 10 point lead and little time left in the game, it seemed like the coaches forgot the fundamentals and didn't try to run out the clock. They allowed Detroit to come back and tie the game with a last second field goal. In overtime, the Eagles got the ball first, and immediately proceeded to lose yardage. With third and forever, of course our coaching staff decides to go for a long pass play even though Vick had no time all day, instead of trying to gain a few yards and get a better chance at a good punt. Of course the defense didn't stop detroit and they won in overtime 26-23., Craptastic performance Eagles. We go into the bye 3-3, I pretty much expected this team to be .500 this year, so I shouldn't be disappointed, but as a fan, I always set my hopes high and buy into the hype that the team puts out. I can only hope that Jeff Lurie lives up to his word and gets rid of Reid after a poor season.

10/07/2012...............PATHETIC IN PISSBURGH.... The Eagles drop a winnable game against the unimpressive Steelers losing 16-14. This time the defense let down at the end of the game and allowed Rothlesburger to march the Steelers down the field and kick the game winning field goal. It sucks that the defense let down like that but honestly, this D is giving up an average of 19.8 points a game, that is not bad at all and considering how much Vick and the offense gives the opponents extra chances to score, I think that says the defense is doing a great job, despite the fact that they aren't getting a ton of sacks. The Eagles are now 3-2 with detroit coming next week.

09/30/2012...............The Eagles retired Brian Dawkins in style tonight by beating Division rival and superbowl champion New Jersey Giants 19-17.For a change, the Eagles played a good clean game and had no turnovers. The game was still close at the end but Tynes missed a chance for a game winning field goal twice at the end of the game and the Eagles squeeked by with a win much to the delight of the fans at the game.

The ceremony to retire Brian Dawkins at Halftime was very nice. It is a good thing that this organization decided to honor one of the most loved players in franchise history.

09/23/2012...............Wow what a load of garbage. The eagles get humiliated in Arizona, losing 27-6. The game really wasn't that close. More sloppy and undisciplined play as the Eagles turned the ball over 3 times. Vick fumbled twice and Johnson fumbled once, Only this time the opponent took advantage and got points off of the turnovers. The pathetic offense could only score 6 points. I feel like the defense played well but just had too much to overcome with Vick and company playing Santa Clause to the Cardinals. it Didn't help that Andy once again forgot that he has the best running back in the league on the roster and only gave Shady the ball 4 times in the first half. This team needs to FOCUS and stop making stupid mistakes.

09/16/2012...............Many experts believe that baltimore is the best team in the AFC, and many are picking them to go to the superbowl. Many people did not believe that the Eagles could beat Baltimore. Many people were wrong as the Eagles defeat Baltimore 24-23. The Eagles defense played awesome football again, and the offense moved the ball well. The bad part (and the only thing that kept this game close) was four turnovers by the Eagles. Jason kelce and King Dunlop were injured during the game thinning out the offensive line.

09/11/2012................As far as Baltimore goes, I believe our D can stop their O....... I do think Vick has a lot of heart and I kinda think he is embarressed by the way he played last week (and if he isn't, he needs to find a new profession) I think he has something to prove and will be ready. I believe the Eagles can win this one, but they need to play better then they did against Cleveland.

09/09/2012................Season opener today, and a win is a win but it wasn't pretty. The Eagles beat the Browns 17-16, but the offense (in paticular, Vick) did not look good at all.

09/05/2012................ THE FINAL ROSTER



QUARTERBACK: (7)Michael Vick, (9)Nick Foles, (11)Trent Edwards

FULLBACK:(39)Stanley Havili

RUNNINGBACK:(25)Lesean McCoy,(28)Dion Lewis, (34)Bryce Brown,(32) Chris Polk

WIDERECEIVER:(10)DeSean Jackson, (18)Jeremy Maclin, (81)Jason Avant,(13)Damaris Johnson, (14)Riley Cooper.

TIGHT END: (87) Brent Celek, (82) Clay Harbor

OFFENSIVE LINE: (65)King Dunlap,(69)Evan Mathis, (62) Jason Kelce, (63)Danny Watkins, (79) Todd Herremans, (77)Demetris Bell, (74)Nate Menkin, (66)Dallas Reynolds, (67) Dennis Kelly


DEFENSIVE ENDS: (93)Jason Babin, (58)Trent Cole, (76)Phillip Hunt, (55)Darryl Tapp, (54) Brandon Graham, (75)Vinny Curry

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: (97)Cullen Jenkins, (94)Derek Landri,(91)Fletcher Cox,(72)Cedric Thornton.

LINEBACKER:(56) Akeem Jordan, (59)DeMeco Ryans, (95) Mychal Kendricks,(52)Brian Rolle, (50) Casey Matthews, (51) Jamar Chaney

CORNERBACKS: (23)D. Rodgers-Cromartie, (24)Nnamdi Asomugha,(31)Brandon Boykin,(27)Brandon Hughes, (31)Curtis Marsh.

SAFETIES:(29) Nate Allen, (42)Kurt Coleman,(21)David Sims, (26)Jaiquawn Jarrett, (30)Colt Anderson.


PUNTER:(8)Chas Henry

KICKER:(6)Alex Henery

LONGSNAPPER:(46) Jon dorenbos

09/05/2012......The NFL season officially kicks off tonight with the Cowboys playing the Giants....... Godd battle for 2nd place in the division.

09/03/2012........Signed T Matt Reynolds to the practice squad Signed WR B.J. Cunningham and DT Frank Trotter to the practice squad

09/01/2012.....Signed C Chase Beeler, TE Chase Ford, FB Emil Igwenagu, WR Marvin McNutt and LB Ryan Rau to the practice squad. Claimed OL Nathan Menkin off waivers from the Houston Texans. Waived CB Trevard Lindley.

08/31/2012....Busy Day, The Eagles traded a conditional draft pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for S David Sims; Released G Julian Vandervelde

S Colt Anderson activated from the Physcially Unable to Perform list

Released LB Ryan Rau, DE Monte Taylor, S Phillip Thomas, DT Frank Trotter, G/C Steve Vallos and G Brandon Washington. I think they will bring Rau and Trotter back for the PS if they don't get picked up by other teams. Two good young players there.

08/31/2012....Released S Oshiomogho Atogwe, TE Brett Brackett, LB Keenan Clayton, DT Landon Cohen, DT Antonio Dixon, TE Chase Ford, WR Mardy Gilyard, WR Chad Hall, CB Joselio Hanson, FB Emil Igwenagu, QB Mike Kafka, OT D.J. Jones, P Mat McBriar, WR Marvin McNutt, LB Adrian Moten and DT Ollie Ogbu,LB Monte Simmons. They also signed DT Landon Cohen.

I am surprised at the release of Hanson, thought he was a solid player, Boykin will take his place as the slot CB, I like Boykin but this is a very risky move.

08/30/2012.... The eagles win the final preseason game against the jets 28-10 (do we get a pre-season champs trophy?) Foles played the first quarter with Edwards taking the balance of the game at QB....both looked pretty good. Foles won the backup job and I think Kafka is gone, with Edwards being the third QB. 10 days until the real games start.

08/27/2012....The Eagles placed G Mike Gibson on injured reserve and waived WR Jamel Hamler, placed DT Mike Patterson on the reserve/non-football illness list Placed OT Jason Peters on the reserve/non-football injury list. Released CB Cliff Harris

08/25/2012....The Eagles waived the following players: WR Elvis Akpla, DB Wade Bonner, DE Xavier Brown, WR Brian Hernandez (injured), WR McKay Jacobson, WR Tiger Jones, G Alfred McCullough, S Tom Nelson (injured), CB Kevin Thomas and OT Thomas Welch. No Surprises here.

08/24/2012....The Eagles travel to Cleveland to play the Browns. With Vick and Kafka injured, Foles gets the start and looks good again.The Eagles win 27-10.

08/20/2012....The Eagles win again in preseason, beating New England 27-17, Vick is injured again early in the game and Foles took over. Foles is looking real good so far. Vicks rib xrays were negative.

08/09/2012....The eagles win the game but I for one was not impressed at all. Vick got hurt early and only played a couple snaps. When the first teams were in, the Defense couldn't stop anything that Pittsburgh had and the offense was pathetic. The Eagles scored 24 second half points to win 24-23. Nick Foles was very impressive at QB. If this team is going to better then 8-8 this year, the first team defense and offense are going to have to play much better then they practiced tonight.

08/09/2012....Time to play some football. The eagles start the preseason tonight against the Pissburgh Steelers

08/05/2012....General manager Howie Roseman informed the media following this morning's walkthrough that Garrett Reid, the oldest son of head coach Andy Reid, was found dead Sunday morning at Lehigh. Here is the full transcription of that announcement.

Roseman: "I have some heartbreaking news to share with you all. It is with great sadness that I tell you that Garrett Reid, the oldest son of coach Reid, was found dead this morning in his room here in training camp. It is a tough morning for all of us in the Eagles family. Garrett grew up with this team, and that makes this news even harder for us to process. Our hearts go out to Andy, Tammy, Britt, Spencer, Crosby and Drew Ann. Coach has spent the morning informing his family. We ask sincerely that you respect the family's privacy during this time. The team has been informed of this news, as have Jeffrey and Christina. The chief will speak to you in a minute about what is known about this event. From a football perspective, I can tell you that Andy has asked that we go forward with training camp. I'm going to turn it over to chief Shupp in a minute. On a personal note, we've been with Andy for a long time. He's always been strong for us, we're going to be strong for him right now. As a father and a friend, we're all hurting. Thank you."

Condolences to the Reid family.

08/05/2012.... No Andy reid at practice this morning, the team had a prayer before practice and none of the players are saying anything. A team spokesman is saying Reid is dealing with a personal issue. I'm sure we'll hear something later. Hope all is well.

08/02/2012.... The Eagles acquire CB Kevin Thomas and a conditional 7th round draft pick in 2013 from the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for LB Fokou and LB Greg Lloyd.

07/28/2012.....Riley Cooper suffered a broken collarbone today during practice.He will probably be out six weeks. Reid said the eagles aren't going to sign another receiver to replace him so look for a signing very shortly. Cooper would have almost certainly been the 4th receiver on the roster, with the injury, I think he may be put on IR and be out for the year.

07/26/2012.....Brent celek left practice early with what is described as a mild knee strain. Doesn't sound serious and he shouldn't miss any game time. The guys a vet and the missed practice should not hurt him at all.

07/24/2012.....The EaglesAgreed to terms with P Mat McBriar on a one-year deal. If nothing else this gives some competition at training camp. This guy was a decent punter before his injury. If he's 100% he could solidify the punting position.

07/24/2012.....Veterans report to camp!!!!!!! this off seson seemed so long


The Eagles have shut Mike Patterson down for training camp to give him more recovery time from his offseason surgery. Great decision, good to see the team is more concerned with his health then in getting him to play. Hopefully he will be 100% before the season starts.

07/22/2012.....Probably five of my favorite words all year "rookies and select veterans report" are said as trining camp finally begins.

07/22/2012.....Acquired DT Ollie Ogbu from the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for CB D.J. Johnson

06/20/2012.....The Eagles signed veteran safety Oshiomogho Atogwe on a one-year contract. Nice to see some veteran depth at that position.

06/18/2012......The Eagles agreed to terms with DT Fletcher Cox on a four-year contract

06/7/2012......Joe Banner is out as Eagles president, Don Smolenski is in. I guess Andy won the power struggle, or Joe decided to take the blame for last years disaster. Andy is running out of excuses, Time to deliver, Big Red.

05/21/2012......Released QB Jacory Harris Agreed to terms with QB Nick Foles on a four-year contract

05/17/2012.......In the smartest move of the offseason, The Eagles gave LeSean McCoy a five year extension. We will be watching the best running back in the league for a long time around here....very very good move.

05/11/2012.......Signed CB Brandon Boykin, G Brandon Washington and RB Bryce Brown to four-year deals

05/09/2012........Agreed to terms with second-round pick WR Vinny Curry, fifth-round pick OT Dennis Kelly and sixth-round pick WR Marvin McNutt

05/08/2012.......The Eagles agreed to terms with second-round pick Mychal Kendricks on a four-year deal

4/29/2012.......The free agent signings (a.k.a. training camp bodies) WR Elvis Akpla, LS Matt Camilli, TE Chase Ford, CB Cliff Harris, FB Emil Igwenagu, WR McKay Jacobson, WR Damaris Johnson, WR Aaron Pflugrad, RB Chris Polk, FB Jeremy Stewart, FS Phillip Thomas, P Ryan Tydlacka and WR Darnell Williams

04/28/2012.....The Eagles select RB Bryce Brown with the 229th overall pick

04/28/2012.....The Eagles select G Brandon Washington with the 200th overall pick

04/28/2012.....The Eagles select WR Marvin McNutt with the 194th overall pick

04/28/2012.....The Eagles select OT Dennis Kelly with the 153rd overall pick

04/28/2012.....The Eagles select CB Brandon Boykin with the 123rd overall pick(The pick they got from Green Bay) They got the extra pick by dropping down eight spots with their second pick in the second round. This was an awesome move and in my opinion, they get a solid player and still got the guy they wanted with the second round pick.

04/27/2012.....The Eagles select QB Nick Foles with the 88th overall pick. I like this pick, finally a tall quarterback. I liked the piece he did with Jon Gruden. He could be our starter in a few years.

04/27/2012.....The Eagles select DE Vinny Curry with the 59th overall pick

04/27/2012.....The Eagles trade the 51st overall pick to the Green Bay Packers for the 59th overall pick and the 123rd overall pick.

04/27/2012.....The Eagles selected LB Mychal Kendricks with their second pick (46th overall) I LOVE this pick, This kid probably should have gone in the first round of the draft, I think some teams were hesitant because of his height (5'11") but I don't think that will matter. He has the speed to make up for it and has the heart and attitude of a winner.....Listening to an interview with him, he reminds me of a young Brian Dawkins. I know it is way early and unfair to compare him like that, but just a feeling I have. I think his will be the next Jersey I buy.

4/26/12.........The Eagles Trade their first-round pick (No. 15 overall), a 2012 fourth-round pick (No. 114 overall) and a 2012 sixth-round pick (No. 172 overall) to Seattle in exchange for the 12th overall pick. They use this pick to draft Fletcher Cox, a defensive tackle from Mississippi State. HUGE pick here, this is the guy they wanted and he should be a stud in the middle. With the addition of DeMeco Ryans earlier in the off season, this really solidifies the middle of the defense. I like this pick.

4/26/12.........Draft day is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4/25/12.........In an expected move, the Eagles traded CB Asante Samuel to the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for a 2012 seventh-round draft pick. I expected a little more for him but I think the Eagles just wanted to dump him to allow DRC to move back to his more natural position.

03/20/2012......Traded a 2012 third-round pick and a 2012 fourth-round pick to the Houston Texans for LB DeMeco Ryans and a 2012 third-round pick

03/14/2012......The Eagles Agree to terms with WR DeSean Jackson on a five-year deal through 2016

10/13/11........A couple of fans held a sign up across from the Novacare center saying that it's time for Andy to go. Allegedly they were threatened by Kelce and Mathis when the two players wanted them to get rid of the sign. Kelce also tweeted that they weren't fans but Varmits. If these clowns had that much fight on the field, Maybe Vick wouldn't be getting killed every game. I mean seriously, get your asses into practice and become better players, worry about your job and not what the fans think. Maybe thats why this team sucks now, you'd rather be tweeting than working on improving your game.

10/09/11........Another disgusting effort against Buffalo, this team looks like it showed up and expected a win. Buffalo had a game plan to beat the Eagles and exploited the weaknesses brilliantly. Ok maybe not so brilliant, I could have ghameplanned to beat the Eagles. I mean with this defense all you have to do is get past the front four and no one else on the field can tackle anyone. Pathetic for pro players. The offensive line can't block for shit and the "skill" players can't hold the ball. Andy needs to go.

10/02/11........Another pathetic Effort. This team seems to be in a real state of disarray. Game was going well and the Eagles seemed to forget that there are two halves in the NFL.Big lead and we stop running the ball AGAIN. A 1-3 start is the worst in Andy Reids tenure as the Eagles head coach. He seems confused and tentative in his coaching. Juan castillo (stupid move in my eyes) is biting this team in the ass. As weird as it is to say, next week is a must win game against Buffalo.

09/28/11........San Francisco this Sunday, again a game that we should win and again a game that worries me. frank gore can run the ball and I think that the rest of the league knows that they can run on us.

09/25/11........Wow, that was pathetic! This defense is horrible Linebackers and safeties have lousy technique and were missing tackles all day. This team made Eli look like Peyton in his prime, and Eli is no Peyton. Shady McCoy was a monster today, at least until Reid decided that he ran enough and pretty much shut him down in the third quarter. Trent Cole and Jason babin also played well, other then those three, the rest of the team seemed to be missing.

09/22/11........I am excited about this game because I will be attending. The Eagles are favored but I honestly think this game will be closer then most people think. The Eagles have problems stopping the run. The linebackers and safeties are weak at best. If the Giants are smart and attack this weakness, it's going to be a close game.

09/18/11........Disappointing loss but not a real shocker, next week against the Giants should be a win.

09/18/11........Unfortunately, I'm back in philly after a great week in Aruba, and ready for the Atlanta game. Hard to call this one, I don't think Atlanta is a very good team, but I think the Eagles have a real weakness against the run so it could go either way.

09/11/11........The Eagles beat the Rams in the season opener, good thing Steven Jackson didn't play the whole game, it may have been a lot closer.

09/10/11........Well I'm off to Aruba tomorrow morning, hoping the plane isn't delayed and we get to the hotel for the start of the game.

09/06/11........Five days til the season opener, still feeling kinda 2004ish. Just saw this ad on TV and it gave me goosebumps what a great way to get pumped for the season.

09/04/11......The final roster (for now)

QB....Michael Vick,Vince Young, Mike Kafka

RB....LeSean McCoy, Ronnie Brown, Dion Lewis

FB.....Owen Schmidt

WR.... Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper, Steve Smith

OL.....Jason Peters,Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, Danny Watkins, Todd Herremans,King Dunlap, Julian Vandervelde,Jamaal Jackson, Kyle DeVan, Winston Justice.

TE.......Brent Celek, Clay Harbor


DE......Trent Cole, Jason Babin,Darryl Tapp, Juqua Parker, Phillip Hunt

DT......Cullen Jenkins, Mike Patterson,Trevor Laws,Antonio Dixon

LB......Moise Fokou,Casey Matthews, Jamar Chaney, Brian Rolle, Akeem Jordan,Keenan Clayton,

CB......Asante Samual, Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie,Trevard Lindley, Curtis Marsh, Brandon Hughes

S.......Jarrad Page, Kurt Coleman,Nate Allen, Colt Anderson,Jaiqwan Jarrett


K.......Alex Henery

P.......Chas Henry

LS......Jon Dorenbos

09/04/11......The Team released DT Cedric Thornton and claimed G Kyle DeVan off waivers from the Indianapolis Colts. He played for coach Mudd in the past.

09/03/11......The Eagles also activated OT Winston Justice from the Physically Unable to Perform list, Waived OT Jose Acuna from the Reserve/Did Not Report list, and waived/Injured OT Ryan Harris

09/03/11......The Eagles Released OT Reggie Wells, RB Eldra Buckley, WR Sinorice Moss, WR Chad Hall, DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, LB Greg Lloyd, OL Fenuki Tupou, S Jamar Adams, WR Johnnie Lee Higgins, S Marlin Jackson, OL Mike McGlynn, TE Donald Lee, DL Anthony Hargrove, DT Derek Landri, OT Austin Howard and CB Joselio Hanson. Some of those are surprises, I really expected that Hargrove or Landri would make the team. Hanson was just part of the numbers game and I'm sure he will be snatched up quickly by another team.

09/02/11......The first wave of cuts includes nine players: cornerback Jamar Wall, receiver Rod Harper, defensive end Chris Wilson, linebackers Rashad Jeanty, center A.Q. Shipley, tight end Cornelius Ingram, running back Stanley Havili, guard/center Dallas Reynolds, and running back Graig Cooper

08/30/11......Vince Young will get to play the entire first half in Thursdays game against the Jets.

08/29/11......The Eagles have reached agreement on a new contract with Michael Vick, He gets a six year contract worth 100 million dollars.

08/29/11......Eagles release four players: WR Gerald Jones, DB Jamar Wall, T Spencer Johnson, TE Martell Webb. Roster now at 81 players. Needs to be at 80 by 4pm Tuesday.

Best commercial ever

08/23/11......The starters are expected to play at into the second half on Thursday night, should be interesting, they need to work on the mistakes from last week.

08/21/11......Great news, Mike patterson is expected to play in thursdays game against Cleveland.

08/20/11......The Eagles signed guard Reggie Welles

08/18/11...... The Eagles lose the second preseason game to Pittsburgh, 24-14. It wasn't that close. They looked unprepared. i am kinda glad they got embarressed like that, maybe now they can forget the dream team Bullshit and start working at getting better.

08/18/11...... Jose Acuna left the squad.

08/18/11...... Jose Acuna left the squad.

08/17/11......Jeremy Maclin has been cleared to return to practice. He was tested for lymphoma and everything came back as being normal. Great news and it will be great to see him back on the field.

08/15/11......The Offensive tackle revolving door continues to spin with the Eagles releasing Joe Toledo and picking up Jose Acuna off waivers from Dallas.

08/13/11......The Eagles released QB Jerrod Johnson and DT Charles Noonan

08/13/11......Steve Smith is placed on the PUP list.

08/13/11......The Eagles sign OTs Joe Toledo and Spencer Johnson. I think eventually we are going to see Herremans playing Tackle this year.

08/11/11......The Eagles beat the Baltimore Ravens in the preseason opener, 13-6. The first team offense played one drive and looked pretty good. Most important thing, no major injuries.

08/10/11......The Eagles sign Steve Smith, formerly of the Giants to a one year deal. This worries me with Maclin being out of camp. Smith is still injured and probably won't even play until at least October.

08/08/11......DeSean jackson is finally in camp and will practice this afternoon. Welcome home number 10.


08/04/11......The Eagles Released WR Jeremy LaFrance

08/04/11......The Eagles placed Victor Abiamiri on injured reserve I think it's all over for him, unfortunately, he can't seem to stay healthy long enough to play. Ricky Sapp was also placed on the Reserve/Left Squad list. Basically he just quit the team. Not much of a loss.

08/04/11......The Eagles Agreed to terms on one-year deals with DT Charles Noonan and DT Brandon Collier. These guys are probably just training camp bodies to fill in for the injured/released players.

08/03/11......The signing frenzy continues as the Eagles sign Defensive tackles Derek Landri and Anthony Hargrove to one year deals.

Hargrove, a 7 year vet, is 6'3" 273 lbs and played for the Saints. Last year he played in 14 games, had 21 tackles and one sack.

Landri(6'2" 290lbs) is a five year veteran who played for Carolina last year where he started all 16 games where he registered 30 tackles and 3 sacks (Defensive tackles are allowed to sack people?????????) Looks like these two will be nice additions to the team.

08/03/11......Very scarey incident at camp today with Mike Patterson. He was going from one drill to the next and suddenly fell to the ground and had a seizure. He was taken to the hospital where he is stable and in good spirits. The cause of the seizure is unknown at this point. Hope everything is ok with him and he'll be back on the field soon.

08/02/11......The Eagles added veteran safety Jarrad Page to the team. Page, formerly of the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs, is entering his sixth season in the league.

08/02/11.......The Eagles signed OT Ryan Harris to a one year deal. The 6-5, 300-pound Harris has started 34 of 46 games in his four-year career with Denver.

08/02/11.......The Eagles added RB Ronnie Brown to the roster, signing him to a one year contract. The six year veteran from the Miami Dolphins has rushed for 4815 yards and 36 TDs in his career.The 6-foot, 230-pound back started all 16 games for the Dolphins in 2010 and rushed 200 times for 734 yards and five touchdowns, while catching 33 passes.

08/01/11.......Jeremy Maclin is now in camp and should start practicing tomorrow. He has been an excused from camp so far due to an undisclosed illness.

08/01/11.......The Eagles have agreed to terms with first round draft pick Danny Watkins. He will be in camp by Thursday to practice with the team.

08/01/11.......Asante Samual Reported to camp today and practiced with the team.

08/01/11.......DeSean Jackson should be in camp this week. Not sure yet if he will have a new contract at that time.

07/31/11.......The eagles signed guard Evan Mathis from the Cincinatti bengals.

07/30/11.......The Big story today is that the Eagles got a solid Defensive Tackle, by signing Cullen Jenkins, form the Packers, to a 5 year deal. Hopefully this will be a big boost to the defense. To make room for him they traded broderick Bunkley to Cleveland for a fifth round draft pick.

07/30/11.......A very busy day for the Eagles. They Agreed to terms on one-year deals with WR Jeremy LaFrance, TE Donald Lee, WR Johnnie Lee Higgins, and re-signed LB Akeem Jordan to a one year deal. They also released RB Noel Devine.

07/29/11....... The EaglesShocked everyone by signing the number 1 free agent available, Nnamdi Asomugha, After getting DRC in the trade from Arizona, and still having Asante Samuel, The Eagle now have three cornerbacks that could be the #1 on just about any other team.

Asomugha was signed to a five year deal, worth $60 million.

I just wonder if the Eagles are shopping Samuel around, it is strange that he hasn't been in camp yet.I also wonder about maclin at this point, since he hasn't been in camp yet. I think the Eagles are not done with their pre season moves yet.

07/29/11.......Vince Young is officially an Eagle, signing a one year contract.

07/29/11.......Samuel and Maclin were again absent from camp. Both were excused.

07/28/11.......Nothing official yet, but a lot of rumors that a deal with Vince Young is done and he will be the backup QB this year. Hope he can play linebacker too.

Other rumors mention Darren Sproles coming here too.

07/28/11......Rookie Casey Matthews practiced with the first team at Middle Linebacker today.

07/28/11.......David Akers signed with the 49ers. Thank you Mr. Akers for all the great years. You will be missed.

07/28/11.......Seventh-round draft pick Greg Lloyd signed his contract, leaving only first-round draft pick Danny Watkins unsigned

07/28/11......The Eagles released former Pro Bowl fullback Leonard Weaver. Also released Today were veteran cornerback Gerard Lawson, defensive tackle Jeremy Clark, wide receiver Jeremy Williams (waived/failed physical) and 2010 seventh-round draft pick defensive tackle Jeff Owens (waived/failed physical).

07/28/11......The Eagles signed rookie free agent WR Gerald Jones.

07/28/11......reports are that the Kolb deal is done. He agreed to a 5 year deal with Arizona. The Eagles get DRC and a second round pick. I think it's a very good deal for the Eagles.

07/28/11......The Eagles announced prior to the team's afternoon practice on Thursday that defensive end Brandon Graham and offensive tackle Winston Justice will begin training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform list.

07/28/11......Babin is now an Eagle again.Signed to a 5 year deal. Amazing that just two years ago he wasn't good enough to keep, now he's the Eagles main (and by main I mean only) free agent signing so far. Maybe next year we will be talking about how much we hope to get Stew Bradley signed in free agency because we need a linebacker so bad.

07/28/11.......DeSean Jackson did not report to camp today and is officially a holdout. Kolb did not report, I doubt that he will be fined considering that his agent is currently negotiating a deal with Arizona.

07/28/11.......It is highly likely that Jason Babin will be an Eagle again before Sunday.

07/27/11.......Camp opened at Lehigh today. There is a lot of speculation as to whether DeSean Jackson will be holding out.He is on the last year of his rookie contract and is scheduled to be paid $500,000 this year. I usually hate when players pull this and think they should live up to the contract they signed, but in this case, The man has far out-performed his contract and deserves to get paid. It would be a very wise move by the Eagles to take care of this now and not play hardball. Show your team (and your fans) that you are willing to reward excellent performance, that goes a long way.

07/26/11.........The Eagles signed the following draft picks to four year contracts: Second-round safety Jaiquawn Jarrett, third-round cornerback Curtis Marsh, fourth-round linebacker Casey Matthews, fourth-round kicker Alex Henery, fifth-round running back Dion Lewis, fifth-round offensive lineman Julian Vandervelde, sixth-round offensive lineman Jason Kelce and sixth-round linebacker Brian Rolle.

First round pick Danny Watkins (Who Reid says will play right guard) and seventh round pick Greg Lloyd are still unsigned.

07/26/11.......The Eagles signed the following players: RB Noel Devine,TE Martell Webb,WR Terrance Turner,DT Cedric Thornton, LB Brandon Peguese,QB Jerrod Johnson, P Chas Henry, RB Graig Cooper, WR DeAndre Brown, WR Perry Baker

07/26/11.......Kevin Kolb to Arizona for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a draft pick should be finalized by Friday. Kolb will not be reporting to camp due to the pending trade.

07/26/11.......Jonathan Tamari of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the team won’t resign free agents Stewart Bradley, Quintin Mikell, Sav Rocca, Jerome Harrison, Dimitri Patterson, Nick Cole or Max Jean-Gilles. Hopefully making room for all the big name free agents we will be signing.

07/25/11.......The Lockout is over. The league year officially starts tomorrow at 10AM. Teams will be allowed to sign their draft picks and undrafted players at that time. Trades are allowed as of 10 a.m. (Kevin Kolb gone early????). Training camp at Lehigh will start on Wednesday, and free agency will start on Friday. Players can report to the teams and actually talk to coaches again at 10 A.M.

07/21/11.......It looks like the lockout may finally end on Monday. The owners have signed the agreement, we are just waiting for the players to sign and we can get back to football.

04/30/11.......THE 2011 DRAFT CLASS

PICK #..PLAYER.............POS..COLLEGE.....HT.....WT

23..DANNY WATKINS......OL...BAYLOR......6'3"...310

54..JAIQUWAN JARRETT...SS...TEMPLE......6'0"...196

90..CURTIS MARSH.......CB...UTAH STATE..6'0"...197

116.CASEY MATTHEWS.....LB...OREGON......6'1"...232

120.ALEX HENERY.........K...NEBRASKA....6'1"...177

149.DION LEWIS.........RB...PITTSBURGH..5'8"...195

161.JULIAN VANDERVELDE.OL...IOWA........6'2"...300

191.JASON KELCE.........C...CINCINATTI..6"3"...282

193.BRIAN ROLLE........LB...OHIO STATE..5'10"..227

237.GREG LLOYD.........LB...CONNECTICUT.6'1"...247

240.STANLEY HAVILI.....FB...USC.........6'0"...230

04/15/11....... Unfortunately, due to a crash, I lost all the info on this page and had to start it all over. With the lockout going on, there isn't much to post here anyway so maybe it's a real good time to start this over.

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